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Since 1977 Wetherby Swimming Club has had a great reputation for developing and nurturing talented swimmers from Wetherby and the surrounding areas. Today, we continue to offer regular coached sessions to young people aged 8-18 who wish to improve their technique and fitness.

We offer two pathways to aspiring swimmers, Club and Squad:

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CLUB caters for a variety of ages and is aimed at improving swimming technique, but also includes stamina work to promote overall fitness. Club swimmers attend for one hour per week on either a Tuesday or Thursday night:

  Club 1-3  Tue 7-8 p.m.  £25 per month

  Club 4-5  Thurs 8-9 p.m.  £25 per month

SQUAD represents the competitive element of Wetherby Swimming Club, and as such, there are more sessions dedicated to improving the stamina, technique and speed of swimmers. Squad swimmers compete at a number of local and regional galas throughout the year, with the aim of achieving personal bests and, where possible, Yorkshire qualifying times. Squad swimmers attend for between 3.5 and 5.5 hours per week depending on age and experience:

  Squad 1-2  Tue 7-9, Thurs 7-9, Sun 4:30-6  £66 per month

  Squad 3     Tue 8-9, Thurs 7-9, Sun 4:30-6  £55 per month

  Squad 4-5  Tue 8-9, Thurs 7-8, Sun 4:30-6  £45 per month

All new swimmers are required to pay a one-off joining fee of £50 to cover administration costs.

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Our sessions, which all take place at Wetherby Leisure Centre, are delivered by a team of dedicated volunteers who are proud to be part of a friendly and successful club, where swimmers can thrive and develop as young people. Our overarching aim is that in years to come, our swimmers will reflect positively on their time at Wetherby Swimming Club and will continue to enjoy a lifelong love of swimming.