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Structure of Wetherby Swimming Club


Our club has two distinct elements, the ‘club’ and the ‘squad’.


“Club” caters for a variety of ages and is aimed at improving swimming technique, but also includes stamina work to promote overall fitness.  


“Squad” represents the competitive element of Wetherby Swimming Club, and as such there are more sessions dedicated to improving the stamina, technique and speed of swimmers.


All swimmers who join Wetherby Swimming Club are first asked to swim at ‘club’.




Who Runs Wetherby Swimming Club?


Wetherby Swimming Club is run predominantly on a voluntary basis by a committed number of parents.  The only paid member of the coaching team is the Head Coach.  We have been brought together because we are passionate about Wetherby Swimming Club and want to develop a friendly and successful club where our swimmers can thrive and develop as young people.  We want to ensure that, in years to come, our swimmers will look back at their time in Wetherby and reflect upon their personal achievements.  This is the overarching aim of the club, and in order to do this we need your support. If you would like to get involved in any way, no matter how small, please contact one of the committee members listed below.  Your assistance is always welcome!






The committee meet up every two months and our AGM, where parents are warmly invited to attend, is usually held in November.  


Below is a list of all committee members.  A full list of Club Officers and meeting dates can also be found on our Club Notice Board which is situated opposite the changing rooms.